What’s Your Visit the Bridge Personality?

There’s a little something for everyone in the Heart of Muskoka.

My happy place(s) (select all that apply):

  • Dining & beer

    Dining & beer

  • Hiking scenic trails

    Hiking scenic trails

  • Getting your hands dirty

    Getting your hands dirty

  • Retail therapy

    Retail therapy

  • Casting a line

    Casting a line

  • Jamming with friends

    Jamming with friends

My friends would describe me as a:

  • Foodie


  • Adventurer


  • Creative soul

    Creative soul

My favourite Friday night out:

  • Under the stars

    Under the stars

  • Multi-course meals, of course

    Multi-course meals, of course

  • Watching a great band

    Watching a great band

The best way to spend a Saturday:

  • Brunch!


  • Hiking or fishing

    Hiking or fishing

  • Visiting galleries

    Visiting galleries

  • Yoga!


  • Farmers' Market

    Farmers' Market

  • Reading/writing on the dock

    Reading/writing on the dock

When on vacation I am:

  • Up with the sun - carpe diem!

    Up with the sun - carpe diem!

  • Relaxing on the dock

    Relaxing on the dock

  • Exploring new places

    Exploring new places

  • Brunch after a night out

    Brunch after a night out

  • Trying local flavours

    Trying local flavours

  • Enjoying the arts scene

    Enjoying the arts scene

My perfect road trip:

  • Day trip

    Day trip

  • Looking for bargains

    Looking for bargains

  • Restaurant hopping

    Restaurant hopping

  • To the cottage!

    To the cottage!

  • On my bike!

    On my bike!

  • With my canoe on my roof!

    With my canoe on my roof!

^ Finish answering the questions above to see your result!

The Excursionist

We’d call you a Weekend Warrior but we think that's old school. You’re not the typical tourist. Days jam-packed with exploration are your thing. You tire your friends out with your pursuit of adventure. Some Saturdays when they’re feeling lazy they don't respond to your texts. We bet if you invite them to explore the heart of Muskoka this Saturday they will be in. #LiveTheBridge #Excursionist #Excursionista #DayTrip

The Gastronome

You have great taste – literally. Your friends suggest you order first at restaurants, choose the same meal, and sometimes just pop by to visit you at dinner time. It’s not a coincidence. For you the world is just waiting to be devoured. So why not cook up a plan to get your friends together for lunch in Bracebridge this weekend? #TasteTheBridge #Gastronome #LocalFaves

The Appreciator

For you, vacations aren't for sitting around – no, you use your time off to broaden your creative and cultural horizons. You’re an inspiration to your friends who all wish they had your artistic gifts. Just ask them. Then invite them to paint the town with you on a tour of the many galleries and studios around Bracebridge. #CreateTheBridge #Appreciator #Artsy

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